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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Time sure does fly by...

It has been a long time since I started this blog and then life happened and I never came back to it. I would like to get back into blogging or should I say start again.. I need to make time for me to just write and learn what I have been wanting to share and not let life get in the way of it.
It is a very cold Oct night and I am so not looking forward to the snow this winter. It will be here before I am ready... I have been busy with my mother and wife duties and I also work as a pca and love it . I look forward to going to work and hope to get more hours in this work area.. I am trying to go back to get my Ged and man it's not going good. I need a push to get back into the class. I just have a hard time sitting in class and not let all my life thoughts get in the way..You know I think might forgot to let the dog out I gotta get some food for tonight and mail this out and the list goes on and then I here part of the teacher talking about Math which I really stink at.. So life just seems to get the best of me finding what I want to do.. I am use to just being MOTHER,WIFE AND CARETAKER ....I want to grow out of this bubble and learn more of my passions. I just turned 36 yrs old and now the boys are older so I am able to work some and get out some ..Now where to start..My idea of fun right now is saving with my coupons at the different stores and hope to save more next round...I know boring..lol